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Forest chapter 👎🏻

So the game was good until I got to the “forest” chapter. There was one thing that stopped me from getting ANY further. I’ve had that game for months, and that thing is still stopping me, so please give me a hint or something and I’ll give this five stars. I really want to play this game again. Oh, and I was SO UPSET that Fox died. From, -I❤️🦊

Best emotional puzzle game by far

I love the concept of this game but u feel like $5 isn’t worth it it’s too short


Too short and not worth the money

So time consuming

When I first got this game I fell in love but then I deleted after a few months of not knowing my true game I decided to get this game again. I am having the greatest time of my life and it's very very time consuming

Minus one star for the price

I like the game. Good story. Not many bugs. Cute graphics. Control is OK to me. Still, it’s too expensive for a small game like this.

Good until Aurora borealis

Game became unplayable on iOS 11 on an iPad air 2 due to graphic stuttering not allowing you to get past the very complicated jumping. The controls felt very wonky at times. It’s a great game otherwise.

Indigenous peoples day

Can’t support a game that jumped on the Christopher Columbus Day hating bandwagon so quickly. I don’t know if it was the developer or Apple who said “celebrate indigenous peoples day,” but leave your liberal political views out of your products

Not for young kids or for me

I can see where they were going with this, but here are my criticisms in calling this a game for kids: 1. the text is read in Inuit, maybe and you have to read subtitles. I think that's cool, but it's not going to work for my seven year old beginning reader. 2. The first thing that happens is that you are chased by a scary and realistic polar bear. If you miss the jumps, you drown. I guess it's good to have some suspense, but it is too realistic for young kids not to be super scared.


I love this game so so muchhhhh!!! Very immersive and enjoyable. Hope you can make more with different cultures like in a jungle setting or desert with different types of animals and people. Great 10/10

I like it

But, it is VERY hard!


Awesome game but how do you get past the Poler Bear's Den part!!??


My professor for a Native American studies course asked that we play this game. I understand why. It's such a fun and interesting way to learn about the Iñupiat people and their culture.

Disappointing Waste of $5

The controls are much to difficult and there is no adjustment for difficulty settings. This ruins the game completely. This IS NOT A STRATEGY GAME as described it's 5% strategic and 95% ACTION ADVENTURE. If you're not good at action adventure games DON'T BUY! Developers please change description to reflect extremely difficult action adventure game and remove from strategy genere!


This is a great game. I love the storyline and the characters. The graphics are also great. I really enjoy playing this masterpiece. I can be quite difficult sometimes, but it's very fun. It can be a bit harder to play on a mobile device than on a console, but it's still a great mobile game. I recommend this game to everyone.

Beautiful graphics with eye-opening Inupiat documentary along.

I love the graphics, sound and characters. You unlock short clips of Inupiat culture documentaries along the way; I have leant a lot and end up reading more about the Inupiat after playing.

Best game ever

I recommend this to ANYONE over the age of 8 to play this game. Such a good story line and graphics. I hope they make more games like this one or BETTER! If they end up do I will be first to download that app.

Blows my mind

Game has great graphics

Simply Deep

It's funny that we never really know in what way tears would possibly wet our faces now that this game has a lot of great deep messages, sad yet strong storyline, perfectly designed and yes-YES its beautiful soundtrack has pulled my inner soul out of its safety core. Worth the $5!

Such an amazing game...

I fell in love with how the game pulls you in to the story line and almost makes you feel how the characters are feeling. Awesome graphics and music that really help the game come to life. The only difficulty I had with it is sometimes it can get a little frustrating trying to figure what to do on certain stages, and the controls sometimes wack out. But other than that I highly suggest this game to anyone who thinks they would enjoy this game😊

Cool game but don't buy it

The game has great graphics, storyline, and characters but theres so many things wrong with it. The first problem is it's really confusing on how to play. Every chapter there's a new things to learn about the controls. The controls are also really wonky. The second thing is that it's kind of expensive for what it's actually worth. The game is kind of like a demo it's not complete. The third and final thing I will be stating is it's a short almost demo type game. After you finish the chapters it takes you back to the start and you just replay the game there's not another level there's not another story it's just the same story over and over. This really frustrates me because I thought it's going to be a really fun game to have multiple different stories. Since I bought the game I hope they make updates and bring new stories into the game because that would be a waste of money if it's just one gameplay. There's a bunch of other games you could've bought with the money that you paid for this game so it really makes me mad. I finished the game today and I was expecting it to bring me to another story or another section or chapter but I just brought me back to the start screen and once I press play it restarts the whole story>:( sorry this was a long review but just wanted to inform people who wanted to buy it:)

First 1/2 is terrific. Then it turns too "gamey"

I think this game can represent a new form of literacy and a new form of learning. As a teacher I loved it it's presentation of material. As a non-gamer I got kind of bummed at how the culture was sidelined later in the game for action and gameplay. But I'm old and boring. Absolutely worth the dollar. I'd recommend it to others.

Looks great

I would really like to play this game as the graphics are terrific and the educational videos interesting. However, I can't get past of the first minute of play. Quite honestly I didn't realize there was an action component till I was trying to run away. "Action " was nowhere in the description. I look because I try to avoid these intermittent action games- they inspire the same tension I get driving in the bay area during rush hour. Lol I say either give our hero a really big gun or maybe some wings. I'm really frustrated. Honest depictions of wild animal behavior are fine but seeing the results of my failure five minutes ago was no less visually disturbing than the first time. I live in California; the most dangerous creatures I encounter are humans in cars. (Caution: Small Spoiler alert coming ...) I mean who would have thought there would be so many ways for a polar bear to eat someone?

Beautiful story but bad control

Too frustrating to play.

هرچي تعريف كنيم كمه

گيم پلي عالي در كنار محيط جذاب و متفاوت . تنها ايرادي كه بهش ميشه گرفت كنترل سخت و دشواري بعضي مراحلش هست ولي در كل عاليه

A beautiful game.

This is an iOS essential.

Difficult controls

I really don't like these kind of run and jump games, I prefer puzzles. It's pretty though, a little boring

Nunas village bug

Pushing the crate to the platform lets the fox jump up but the fox won't climb all the way up. Frustrating. Looked up a walk through and it's definitely bugged. Oh well.

It's okay

Imagine Mario but if it was just walking around and listening to a story. That's what this is, except the controls aren't very responsive.

Don't waste your money

I never write reviews but this time I have to warn you. This is the most frustrating game. The controls are wonky and dull. You try to move fluidly but you just can't. The way you have to move the control to walk forward blocks your view of the screen. There are new expectations each level that are confusing in how you are supposed to move around. Not at all intuitive. I had to pause the game literally every ten seconds to watch a walk through video to figure out what the hell they wanted me to do. I trudged through level five before deleting this app. Such a waste and I thought it would be fun.


The graphics were great, the storyline was amazing, best game ever. The only problems I could find was that it drained your battery and it was too short; I finished it in 2 days. Definitely worth it, as long as your ready to drop everything to play this!

Great graphics but horrible controls

I loved the details and the characters, however i got up until the last chapter before the epilogue when the controls started to really mess up. It also messed up the other game and controls outside of the app. Almost as though a virus had gotten in and stopped my phone from functioning properly. I deleted it after 1 day and was not very pleased as I had wasted my money. The characters wouldn't move when they were supposed to and they would at times move on their own, even when I wasn't touching the screen.

Maybe it's just not for me.

I really liked this game but every time i play it, my phone heats up very fast and my battery percentage decays quickly. The graphics are amazing and the plot is amazing, along with the cultural background. I currently have an Iphone 6s plus and am not sure why it does this, and was wondering if it was just me.

This game looks putting too much load on CPU & graphic engine.

It is a nice game to play. Good graphics and animations. However, running this game makes my phone become pretty hot. I had to stop playing after 15 minutes because I became worried of phone getting damaged due to that internal heat. It looks like all those fine graphics and animation consume a lot of CPU and graphics HW resources. Hope to seeing the revision that doesn't have this issue.


Great game and great graphics. Please make another game


This is one of the best games I ever played. He way the game was organized was great and the storyline was beautiful. The real star of the show was the graphics and animations. It was beautiful. The character were adorable as well. I finished the entire gam in a day because it was so interesting. 10/10 would recommend and the money was worth it!!

Best game!!

This game is awesome i love it, it has a very nice story and great graphics


Reviewers - C'mon, seriously??

It's alright I guess...

Amazing graphics!! But there are some changes that may need to be looked at... - I sometimes die unexpectedly just standing there. - If I'm trying to get a spirit as the fox, the girl stupidly falls off the edge of something and dies. - Too much wind. - Very complicated I might delete this app. It's too frustrating. Especially the unexpected dying.

Version 1.01

How do I purchase Never Alone version 1.01 (not the KI edition) on iPad Pro?

The best game I've ever played on a phone

Never Alone is a perfect example of wonderful storyline with an impeccable game. Absolutely loved it.


Loved the game, loved the cultural education videos. Beautiful unique graphics. Controls a bit difficult for my 6yr olds. Overall a wonderful game. Wish it was longer. Would love to see a movie built off the themes and art of the game.

Nice Looking Game

I like the amount of detail put into this game. Being able to watch and see background info relating to the culture of the people is a plus. Controls usually worked good. I beat the game. But once or twice I thought about deleting it since I wasn't sure if I was going to ever get past some part.

Meh. It's ok.

...and that's pretty much it. Aside from the subject matter, which would make an engaging documentary or animated piece, just as a game- It's very pretty graphically, and has an interesting story. It's a decent side scroller, and even though it has some hard parts, it's fairly beatable. The stages leading to bosses are harder than the bosses- the boss fights are less than daunting. It's not a very long game either, and there's no replay value at all. It was on sale, so i got it for 99 cents. If I had paid more I'd feel cheated. I really don't see why everyone is falling over themselves over it, honestly. In the end, it's average. If you like games like this, Limbo is way better.

Great game, one problem

The game's absolutely beautiful and stunning with its storyline and graphics but the only problem I have is that it takes up A LOT of battery. I originally bought the game after being bored for a while and began to play it during school and such. The one thing I noticed is the change in battery life, I can't remember but I believe I was playing the game for a fairly short period of time ( around 2-4 minutes ) and I went to check on my snapchat as I had gotten a message. I then noticed my battery life had drastically changed, it went from 38% - 19% in a very short period of time. If you carry a portable charger then this would be great but besides that I don't suggest playing this on the go. Hope this helps!

Never Alone

SPOILER ALERT!! This is one of the best games ever! I will warn you there will be tears. If one of your main reasons to getting this game is the fox, (me), don't say I didn't warn you.

Good cultural story telling

Gameplay is somewhat dull

Left handed

Please develop settings for left handed players.

Misleading Reviews

I read a lot of reviews before I make certain purchases. I was excited for this game because of the reviews but disappointed after purchasing and then playing. The controls are horrendous on my iPhone 6+. Maybe it would be better on a console system. Glad it was only $0.99. It wasn't a battery drain like other reviews have stated.

Annoying controls and game

It's so beautiful, and I love the concept. I've been waiting for this game to come to mobile, then waiting for the price to drop. Thank God I only paid $1 for it, because I played for maybe an hour (spread over a week) before deleting it. The response to the controls is too slow and not sensitive enough. The fox jumps off cliffs when on auto control. And other than that the gameplay just isn't interesting enough for me to stick it out. Again, the game is really pleasant to look at. But I just didn't enjoy playing.

Beautiful but frustrating

I love the graphics, and the first few unlockable videos were very cool, but upon reaching the ocean and the first spirit guide, I'm embarrassed to confess I got, and remain, completely stuck. There need to be hints to help newbies and old people (like me) so that I would be able to move forward...also, playing on a touch screen iPad, that may be part of my problem.

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